Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Crystal Fountain Calls Once More


I wake up, my legs sting. I take a look but its too dark to see.


I open the curtains to another glorious day.


Erm its the back of the legs sun burn that's causing it.


I head downstairs.


Rog and Phil have given me the Depechemode CD. Yay its the double disc version.


Its not often the CD player goes on, but today we turn her on.


Now that's the spirit.


Whilst cooking breakfast I decide to take the front of the fan in the kitchen off and look up the mode number and download the instructions.


Hidden under the grill is some controls just like the fan in the bathroom, so that when it becomes humid the fan will automatically come on. I twist the nobs accordingly and the fan comes on at low speed. I leave it like this in hope.


Next I have a go at fixing my camera. The lens mechanism is full of sand which usually means death of the camera. Perseverance though gets it working a little, and then a little more movement, and finally it moves once swiftly in and out. I think though the WX200 is better than this bulky WX350.


I head out to the garden where the weeds are growing well.


I get the rocks out of the car, now I need to make a decision.


3 Cliffs Bay rock from Gower is on the left, and Barafundle Bay rock is on the right. It was quiet a walk back to the car in both instances, but I got them back.


In the end I decide to have a Pembroke Flower bed and put them in the same one as the magnificent Saundersfoot rock.


This has flower bed needs a good seeing too now the tulips have all faded away.


I measure the door up, which I didn’t know at this point,


is a slightly odd size as I wanted it, to be replaced with a glassed version. I go round my parents and fix my brothers MX5 which failed its MOT on the pop up headlamps not working correctly, and also when you did put the headlamps on the windscreen wipers came on. I swapped the obvious relays, and when no joy went looking for a bad earth. Eventually I found it. All working once more.


With that I head to the Range, Asda for some soil and then Morrrisons for some soil too.


A while later and dessert flower bed project is completed.


Yeah it looks like this now. Hopefully the deeper soil bed and good soil will help things survive the deathly heat.


Yep its much better.


And so I have a mooch around the garden.


My parents make an appearance and relax.


We admire the roses. They are so nice.


Really beautiful.


On the opposite side they are not doing so well, but again are beautiful.


In their own way.


The lupins are still out and


And we have one lilly flowering. I look for the dreaded red beetles, but find none.


Yes my roses look great, I think with a smile.


And with that I relax.


Man it is so very very hot.


I sit there and await company.


When Les comes we leave on well for another.


We head to the center of town for a drink in a pub that is slightly on the other side. Whilst waling though the center we notice a plaque.


Well i never. You learn something new everyday.


Past Asda and we come to a large brick building. I’m so glad as I’ve had too much orange fizz for my bladder to cope much longer. We are here, this is the Crystal Fountain.


A few real Ale pints and a Brew XII each. Yes they have got Brew XII here!


Les really, really, wants to go to the White Hart for old times sake. I warn him 20 years on its not good. He won’t listen though and so we stroll that way.


Notably here they have Banks beer, as its a Marston's pub. And it is cheaper here than at the pub that used to be open across the road from where I live. YEs the Banks Bitter and Mild is £1.99! Yes incredible.


Even with the price though I’m not keen on this place. But really, its only because of how nice a place it used to be 20 years ago.


The benefit of going to the White Hart though is there is a chippy next door where I can get my dinner from.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

This Isn’t What I Planned


I get up and look over my wonderful garden. The plan I was thinking of yesterday I’m considering today. But you never know. I await the arrival of my parents as they are taking my brother somewhere. They are somewhat late though and with this I clean the bathroom, hover the house top and bottom, clean the kitchen floor, make breakfast, polish, and condition the leather sofas. Well one is leather the other may well be some inconspicuous man made concoction that imitates leather.


So number one get to the pharmacy before 2pm which is when they close and pray the prescription is there. Two visit Man Cave, ala nice hair cut. Intresting half way through he asks how much I want cut off the top, and indicates with the scissors. I tell him I can’t see without my glasses, he kindly puts them on for me. A while later when he is talking into my right ear, I have to explain that doesn’t work too. We have a laugh together and he pampers my until he has made a real nice job of the thatch above. I go to pound land, but they only have 5 bulbs in gold and one multi-coloured one. However I remember that Poundworld turned into Poundland, yes we have two pound lands in Cannock and thus went in there. Its better but not so popular in here, and guess what. They have loads of them. Tonight I will be getting the drill out. I get back to the multistory car park.


This is it then, set the clock and off we go heading south.


Now driving mid day on a Saturday you never know what the traffic is going to be like. However it is not like it is on a weekday morning. So while the traffic is free flowing, there is on car that has its cruise control set to 50mph. Yes I even get overtaken by a caravan, attached to a car just in case you are wandering.


45 minutes later and some 27 miles I’m here.


Actually doable. I pull into Morrisions car park and buy 3 x 70 litres of soil for £9. It’s like I’m meant to be here. This of course means that I need to visit the Range, back in Cannock. I look at the plants and head indoors.


I obviously haven't come to Morrison's in Rubery for fish and chips, it’s just that I may as well have a slightly early tea or come for some soil for that matter. I’m here for an entirely different reason.


And as I drive north I take the chance and opportunity to head around the Poades. I haven't seen that many people for a while, and especially haven't seen the Poades. There are three new Poades to contend with.


As if the big one isn’t enough to contend with. We watch 8bit retro something or other and Temple of Doom.


At which point the teddy bear, the wisest of them all, telepathically tells me to check the time, I must get to the Range.


Sometime later just before the Range closes, I come out with 4 wooden things, you know, the wooden border type things, these. I put them in and


get the soil. They can’t sell many of those bags as they are dam heavy, I mean 70 litters of soil must be roughly 70Kg.


It would appear that the plan for the garden will work out.


Although I need another 7 to get to the bottom of the garden and therefore probably another 6 bags of soil.


For now though I reposition the rocks.


It all looks good.



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