Monday, February 11, 2019

Back To Basics


After much perseverance, I finally find what I’m looking for.


I enter the information into the Netgear router and tell it to try all connection settings for DSL in auto format one by one. It comes up saying this may take 4 minutes and off it goes seeking the net. Wonga the green light starts flashing and we now have internet connected and wifi in 300mbps in N and G. And with that I pull the plug on the Post Office router I was being forced to use. And to the cupboard to sit next to the BT Home Hub 4.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fresh Air


Today it was meant to be raining, only it wasn’t. Today I was going to plant my grandad’s plants, but first I sat outside in the sunshine and had a bacon sandwich in the fresh air. A cup of tea and then I planted the plants. In fact it was so nice I tied up the garden, got rid of the brown plants and cleaned the beds out. I filled a one tonne bag full of dead plant. Which got moved to the brown bin, which got moved to the pavement for collection in the morning. As I look around, the garden is wintery but nice, the snowdrops have grown back this year. I think the garden is going to look good, although the polyannea may have died from the cold. We will see.


I also saw the neighbour about the fence and gate, they were okay with me taking it down and rebuilding it, although it may be some time for the resurrection.


But I’m still in construction mode and the back of the drive will be started again soon.


After 5hours of fresh air I come in for a rest and to listen to the planets.


I love a bit of classical music.


And these days I hear it better anyway, so a double plus.


And with that a bit more fresh air. I wash the car


and admire that new badge. How small things make a big difference.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Something To Keep


This morning I got my drill, hammer and screw driver out. You see, I saw that it was going to be too small, so I went and got a bigger one. Well I’m hoping it is going to be too small.


Or perhaps what I am trying to say is, I’m hopping that the rose will grow well.


And the original I have put on the side wall. I have plans here for latter in the year.


And with that I eventually get the trailer tyre to blow up and move it away from the garage.


oh yes I will need the spade.


I head to my parents with the trailer, load the building rubble up and then head to the Cannock tip.


Next is too remove some stuff from the garage, and with that I find the old bike carrier lighting board. I decide to use the lights for the knackered trailer lights and set about stripping them down.


What I though was going to be a 15 minute job turned into an hour.


But it got done and now the trailer has functional glowing lights once more. And with that fill the trailer and MX5 with stuff from the garage.


From there I head to my Grandads. I get the spade out and start digging up some of the wonderful fusica’s he has had for the last 30 years. These are no more fusica’s though.


A while later I have some good example cuttings.


And off we go, although I stop for a while.


Here at Barbrook I think there is a girl who may need a plant that will tolerate a poised garden.


And so I leave the girl some twiggs.


At first it looks like no one is home, then the dog comes to the window. A Mr Green is also in. He suggests putting some soil in and watering them. I tell him not too. We all know what happened the last time he watered something.


Back at the big green car I decide it is time to take the rear crappy badge off.


Unlike the front one, this one comes off really easily, I get the backing disc off too.


I get the new badge out.


As always find the tabs are in the wrong place for the car and


thus get a knife and cut them off.


A while later it is on and looking less tatty, although the car is very dirty.


I secure the loose undertrays, and then find the front passenger side one is also loose. This needs bigger attention though for another day.


Once back I;m tired, its been a busy day, I watch Benway on Youtube and then listen to the Planets, while eating a lovely plateful of haddock and chips.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Farewell Sleep Well


Today was the last time to say goodbye to Grandad. He’d been around so long, was always around and was having a dam good life until about two years ago.


There is nothing to be sad about, if I live until I’m 98 years old and pretty much getting on with life unit 2 years ago I will be happy.


Besides, while he may have got old and grumpy, I still remember the good times more vividly.


And never let him put your wheels on your car, you could never get them back off. Farewell, thanks for all you did and enjoyed together…….

Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Last Toll Road


Its a nice morning, bags in and off we go.


Down the Avenue of the Citie Of Europe


And to the port of Calais. We may not be prepared but the road to Calais port is being quickly revamped.


We embark.


and park in the vast empty belly of the ferry.


Mean while another belly gets filled. P&O’s breakfasts though are getting worse and dearer, much dearer.


On the other side we at last see some cones, its been nearly ten days since I last saw a cone.


A while later we pay our last toll road.


This is it then, we are back. How glum Britain looks :/


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