Sunday, October 13, 2002

What should I do with this blog

I'm not sure what to do with this blog??!!

Should I do a daily account of my life?

Should I use it to air my thoughts

should it be Witty?

Should I make it incredibly boring so the only person who will look at it is me?

Should I bother to make the effort???

Sunday morning, One bad head (self inflicted of course so I'll have to put up with it I guess), and I whiff. Its not that I haven't washed. I've had the famous hour shower, which wasn't an hour actually but the curry smell is seeping through my skin. I need to motivate myself to get the wall paper stripping done. I started yesterday and got half of it done before doing a super man change and fleeing to the bus to watch the England and Slovakia game. Unfortunately a big chunk of plaster has fallen off the wall (not good) and I need to rectify the situation soon. Not that I have been and got any wall paper yet but fist things first. The room is a mess now and I wish I'd never touched it but I suppose that DIY for you.

Feeling bad I've called my brother luckily he was in ASDA so I've given him a shopping list of things for him to bring down later. (I take the last swig of tea from the mug). ORANGE JUICE PLEASE. Will it cure me? I doubt it but and desperate for the taste on my poisoned tongue.

Oddities of last night then: went and saw the footie match even though I'm no footie fan! Got to town went to the Tap and Spile with L.H. before moving on to the Varsity to watch the footie. The key word here is WATCH as they had no sound!??!! In act the first half they had sub titles on. Send G.A. a sarcastic text back as J.G advises he's not coming after all. I bet he gets miffed about it and doesn't see the funny side to it at all!!!!

The text: R U watching footie in town or not bothering-no one appears to have the decency to tell me what's going on as usual! Nack Ah ah

[the nack ah ah was added by me obviously as this was the message he'd sent to me while I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to town]

Second half the majority of people left was it the quality of the match or the fact there was no sound. After match and a chin wag went 'upstairs' to watch Deletia. They promised to be good and they were. Sound in that place doesn't make them shine though. A couple of new songs were played and they're usual 'u r u aren't' which I can't stand on CD but it works fantastically live. Went to the Posada with L.H. Can't remember what happened to J.G. guess he went home. S.B. popped in and had a late drink before we bumped into T.P.'s Mark. S.B. and myself went to blast off where I can remember ordering the Daddy of Beers. Not that I like it but I didn't want to drink like a fish so I thought it would slow me down. Can recall checking out down stairs (upstairs downstairs ah ah) for the eighties music but it was heavy metal this week AGGGGGGHHHH! didn't stay there so went to the back room for a bit and then the front. Took S.B. for a curry but on the way the Giffard Arms was open! So we went in for another drink. Not a daddy this time. Drank up and went to see Mr King. I have no recollection of the curry I had but at the time I do remember thinking this is one of the best I've had for ages. Waited ages for taxi. Managed to jump in one when Mr King nearly jumped in the car himself!!!! I think they may have been a taxi shortage again. (the famous Wolvo taxi shortage - never enough taxis to round). So here I am awake with a sore head and no orange juice.

Called A.P. but no one answered. So I left a brief message on their phone. 'Its Nack my head hurts'....

Will I do any wall paper stripping?????

Was it boring enough. Well as I'm not updating the NackUK web page until later in the month one will not know for a while.

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