Sunday, November 30, 2003

FRIDAY I got a lift to work with Big-L as one he was working in Erdington and two we were going straight out round Brum to celebrate Mat Poades 28th birthday!

Surprisingly when I got to the bar we had arranged to meet him at Big-L was not there. As I was phoning him he pulled up outside in his van. Apparently he had a last minute delivery to make near Stourbridge and was amazed himself to have turned up. A quick beer there before catching the bus into the city centre to meet the others who had been in the pub from god knows what time in the Chocadeara.

Even Deadmanjones had come all the way from Manchester.

From the Chocadeara we moved onto snobbs..

Then I somehow got Big-L into a curry house where we sat next to a huge concrete tree trunk and he had chicken and chips. Me a chicken chilli balti. No jugs allowed here just a glass of water at a time! We got a taxi to the hotel I ad booked and for breakfast we nipped to the McDonalds next door.

SATURDAY Big-L woke me up and told me to get out of bed so that we could get a McDonalds breakfast and get to Wolvo to see the Wovles match. He parked round Matts flat which prompted me ask Norf he would mind if I go to the toilet, I had, had a balti the night before after all....

Having suitably stunk out Mats toilet Big-L and me wandering into the city centre passing the bike shop where there is a naked manikin hiding his privates with a cycle hat.

When we got tot he centre instead of parting from Big-L and getting my hair cut I bumped into Andy Poade. He was apparently with Teressa whom eventually appeared out of a shop. He told her he'd had enough of shopping and that we were going to watch the game live in Heros'. So off me and him went. 3 cokes and one pint later the Wolves draw against Newcastle, Terresa joined us with one more carrier bag and then followed by Big-L.

Big-L took me home thankgod where I was able to get some sleep.........


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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