Monday, November 03, 2003

So Friday got home as early as possible which amazing for a Friday night was before 6pm. Rushed got changed and headed up Norf and Matts flat, with the Spain Tour photo CD in hand.

Norf, Matt and Kirsty could not wait to see the photos! which was lucky as I had them with me. In fact the CD is still round their flat now! The party was obviously a ball and I awoke and got out of bed at 2:30pm on Saturday.

With most of Saturday already gone I called Big-L as we were meant to be getting some fire works for a party round Marg and Martins. A box is what they asked for but we ventured over to Lafettes or something over Bilston. There they had boxes of fireworks and REAL fireworks. So we selected so real fire works, 4 Appollo 6 rockets, 1 big golden ball ended rocket for the finarla and 2 cluster packs, a total of what proved to be ?30 well spent! Greenie actually outdid us on the size of fire work but it all added to the end experience. There a couple of photos here but I was too busy watching them myself to show you the real corkers. Marg seemed most upset that I just was not able to consume lots and lots of beer but after all those cocktails I was just not in the mood for any more alcohol related drinks. Big-L had driven so it was quite an undrunken affair for us two and he also gave me a lift home to my cosy bed.

10:00am Sunday - No lie in Big-L comes round to take me to watch the Rainbow play footie at the Jennie Lea Centre in Wednesfield. Another loss although not as bad as last week. 3-1 if I remember rightly.

On the way back to the Rainbow I got Big-L to stop off at Halfords where I got some car Shampoo 2.5Litres for ?3.99, some lemon fragrance screen wash (just for the hell of it), an oil filter and some de-icer as it will soon be colder still in the mornings. Then off we went to the Rainbow for some beer!

I didn't stay long as I want and did change the oil in my car. Then I headed in doors to warm up and sort out the photos for Norfs Birthday Bash. Yep their right there on line as from 6:35pm Monday night fully working! (if you saw them before that there was some sort of problem wasn't there! A bit later played a couple of games of Yuris Revenge on the internet before heading to bed.


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