Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Sunday brought the Wonderstuff concert at the NIA in Brum.

And things were started off by Voice of the Beehive, which if you ever get the chance to see them perform you should not miss!

The the stuffies came on for a glorious couple of hours, and near the end he got POPWILLEATITSELF's singer to perfom a track on stage. ooohohh


Monday I went snowboarding with Matt who seemed to have found the ability to fall over all the time. He kept putting down to people cutting across him! Now I'm not saying I didn't fall over but when Matt says at the top watch this I do not expect him to have fallen over within 5 meters. He looked round to see me watching him. I really wanted to shout out I'm watching just like you said. Another time when I was at the bottom I waited to watch him come down. Only he did on his arse several times!!! (I have no doubt these little comments will antagonize him no end).

When I dropped him off in Coven at about 12:15am there was an enormous amount for police around. Something was going down other than Matts arse!

Tuesday and the M^6 Toll road is officially opened which explains why I ended up still motionless on the M6 again!

Tuesday night brought another trip to the NIA in Brum to Eddie Izzard.

Well that put another smile on my face!!!


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