Monday, December 22, 2003

Well a good Saturday night was had by all. The Mosley Parklands did an adequate meal which was brightened up no end by the balloons, crackers and a camera as I forgot to take my digital one! unfortunately I didn't get the numbers right and there 21 of us not 19. I regret that I had forgotten to write down Nipper and Sarah on the form. Eck Sorry. We all got dinner though. And when our balloons ran out we just reached across and got some more off the next table. It must have seemed odd to them when they arrived why we had soooo many goodies and they had sooo few? Anyway all incriminating acts are caught of film and I still have the camera!

After we were going to catch the bus to the Rainbow as Paul Beasons dad was doing a karaoke set-up there. unfortunately half of us missed it and in the rush to catch it I jumped over a hedge as a short cut, slipped in sum mud and fell on my shoulder which is in real pain.

Sunday got up with a hang over and how did I get home? Big-L collected us and after a tour of the whole of Trysull we managed to find the match. What appalling play by the Rainbow and it really was cold. This was followed by dinner at the Lion in Brewood with the family for a super Beef dinner. And there was so much of it. An afternoon nap and a read of my book.

Today has been quiet at work if rather busy. Shoulder no better and I struggled to drive. Luckily Mat has agreed to drive us to snowboarding, I just hope I don't fall over as I'm not sure I'd be able to get back up!


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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