Saturday, January 31, 2004

I seem to have left it a whole week before writing once more.
Monday night bought boredom so I went snowboarding for a few hours. No drainpipe to practise on though so I perfected my agile turning ability.

Tuesday and out came Colin McRea's Rally 3 for the playstation. I had had a go Sunday night and suddenly had caught the bug to play it over and over again.

Wednesday was cold snowy and then icy. Although I heard a lot of people struggled to get home (in fact some didn't make it home till 10pm) I left slight late from work and got home in a impressive 30mins. Saw Rog how was up for going swimming but then called back later to cancel. So more ebay purchases and rallying were done.

Thursday bought poker night, as usual I played terrible. At least I came home with some money and Matt Poade tried to give me too much winnings, which like a fool I refused.

Here we have Matt in a post poker pose wearing his new poker shirt (I'll leave the pun's to yourself). A girly kind of pink that you would expect to see Jett wearing. Christ Matt are you really going to wear that out;)

Friday I stayed in, which I'm not entirely sure is working as when I'm not in the pub I'm on ebay. Anyway I have managed to secure and have now arrived four Inxs albums. These are namely INXS (which I did own once until someone borrowed it on a permanent basis, Elegantly Wasted, Full Moon Dirty Hearts and the dam good Welcome back wherever you are. Its odd that for a band I like so so much I have never bought these before (apart from INXS). Anyway I've got mu eyes also on The Swing and Listen like thieves

There was of course more time for the rally game and I'm now on Japan!

I also had a quick chat with Big-L online and I think he now realizes I am serious about this rally around Europe. What ever next I hear you cry.


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