Monday, February 09, 2004

It would appear I need not worry about all these people looking at my website. It was all in aid of Waytangi Day (not my own personnel spelling). You see they do it to celebrate this very special day. Perhaps more importantly though is www. the circle line pub crawl 's mention in a very well established publication TNT magazine. If you want to find the article it is on page 15 right underneath the paragraph entitled 'end of the line' This however brought some confusion over Waytigi Day (6th February) and mine and Big-L's tour at the end of the February, which has now been decidedly based on wine.

So I bet your anxious to see what happened over the week.

Tuesday I was tired, exhausted and when I got home from work I did a work out session on the sofa. Besides another Inxs album turned up in the post so I had something to listen to.

Wednesday and another Inxs item turns up.

Yep another copy of the rare Live Baby Live on DVD. My brother seems to have kidnapped my other copy for good. Later I went swimming with Rog, I'm sure full fitness is just round the corner. Perhaps I should consider getting my bike out for a couple of weekends before the snowboarding holiday.

Thursday I headed down to Bollebroke Castlewhich is near Tunbridgewells for Debs and Darren wedding:

Not so much a Castle as old house / mansion. Which fooled me as I passed it by looking for a building with Turrets.

I made there just in time for ceremony. There was no time to check in just grab my jacket and rush into the room, where there was just one seat left on the Grooms side, right at the front. I sat down and over came Darren and asked if I was Nack (neither of use had met before). Anyway no hickups apart from my camera was in my bag, in the boot of the car. We moved from there to the 'free bar', which was obviously free for us but not for somebody! The meal begun with soup or melon, followed by chicken or Beef. I guess there were no vegies but you can always eat more veg anyway, which consisted of potatoes with pea things. Nice yummy followed by a cheesecake.

After the speeches I dissappear to see if I really did have a room booked, a change of clothes and to get my camera out to play with. When someone asked me how long I new Darren from I told them about 2hours 40 minutes at the later, I'm with Debs party.

Eventually after drinking the bar dry everyone went to bed....

Morning cam and I got up around nine for breakfast. It consisted of orange juice, egg, bacon, and two rashers of bacon. I ate and then returned back to my cupboard. Cuz thats what it really was. Perhaps I should have taken a photo to prove it. but I haven't. The bridal suit though I have and here it is.

I eventually got up and collected from where I had so carefully parked it up.

I headed north round the M25 and onto the M1 to Milton Keynes where I was going to do an hour snow boarding. However an hour turned into two goes as my hangover started to kick in really badly as soon as I started to put any effort into it. So after the second go and not enjoying it at all I gave in and got changed.

From there I head to Andy and Terressa Poades in Whittering. I lay in there settee and went to sleep until Terressa came home from work. We all showered (not together mind) and headed out for a meal at ASK in Stamford. Nice to it was. Me and Mr pod had some beers and T did not. When we got back to Mr Poades house he kept trying to give me absinthe but I was not keen. To his and Terressa's delight I pulled Peter Kays Albert Hall DVD out and we watched that. Well me and Poade did, Terressa had enough of it and went to bed.

I will continue this tommorrow I guess as I want to watch the 4 hours of the twin towers. ta tar for now.... (no spell check either!)


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