Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sunday brought round Big-L and another Raibow match at home. Thye were doing well at first. So I guess you have already gathered the result. 2 goals up at half time the Rainbow looked unbeatable for a change. But then the second half happened. Then Poade drunk and doing very little was substitued. Then another substitue was made for a new guy who gave the wrong AKA and was not allowed on by the ref. All this and two goals put them level pegging for the most dramatic ending we will see all season....

With 30 seconds to go the OTHER team score.............!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

We head to the pub to hit the beer. When I get home I polish my car ready for a pic to send to the Rally Euorpe posting board!

I examine the rust on the passenger rear arch and think it looks bad, so I do something about it and get the power grinder out. Now its booked into a garage for some body work attantion and a touch up spray job.

Monday was snowboarding night with Matt. Just as he said stop getting cockey cuz he wouldn't be advenutreous because of his hurty wrist, I tried going all the way down right foot forward. I crash and landed heavily on my right cheek. My hat some way up the slope still. It must have seen pritty bad as someone came to help me up. After another 5 runs I had to retire o the bar for some medication. I can tell you now it still hurts.

Wednesday and this morning the postman brought the bel820 round. It is now connected. Will it do its job. erm I'll keep you posted. Off now to swimming, via some spreed cameras. I doubt much swimming will happen though. My check still hurts (even when just sitting down!)


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