Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A qucik break from trying to get the Andorra web page done. Matt has sent me some polite abuse so I thought I'd better get on with it yesterday, to suddenly relise why I had 'halted' in getting it finished.

However the problem bit has now been sorted and I am well on my way to doing the web pages that should contin nearly 400 photos. Blimey. It would appear how ever that I managed to find time yesterday to clean all the oily marks of the interior of my car that I put there on Friday. After which I played another 3 hours of Tiberian Sun with my brother before sitting down in the late afternoon to watch:

Now I was slightly put off by the reviews of this film (boat trip)on amzon. Well the first of two reviews and it gave me such low expectactions of the film that it made it watchable. I'm not sure what Roger More was doing in this film but without him this would have been a film you would just forget. However his camp little liners keep this film going where else it would have stalled and you'd go and get a cup of tea. The story is essentaily one of two guys get dumped. The other hears that if you go on a cruise liner its a 10 day sex feast (Noted Gaz has never mentioned this about any cruises he's been on). However when they pull up to park at the travel agent there is an arguement with a stranger, whom it turns out works at the travel agents. So one of this colleges book them onto a gay crusie liner for revenge. Only it takes them some time to realise this when they get on the crusie liner. There is some lovey dovey plot also involved but if I gave it all away why would you watch it at all.

Later (before bed) I put on Ghost Ship

Now this is more like it and whats more it was good to see Julianna Margulies doing somthing since ER. There's no need for me to tell you much apart from a bunch of salvagers are asked if they would be interested in salvaging a boat this chap has found. With money in there eyes thay go to what turns out to be a ship that went missing over 40 years ago. Once they are aboard though they arn't allowed to leave what seems to be a haunted ship.


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