Monday, May 31, 2004

Well been back from Scandinavia for a couple of hours now. Nearly five hundred photos taken not that they are all any good mind. My own bed will be great tonight. It would seem Deadmanjones has been keeping things up to date here.

mileage before trip 164839

We shunn the M25 as usual for the straight route through the heat of London

Dunkirk at the very cheap F1 hotel

Copenhagen - Denmark

Gothenburg - Sweden

Holmenkollen Olympic Ski jump Oslo - Norway

Stockholm - Sweden

Next to a big lake in the middle of Sweden

Mileage at end of trip 168021

3182 miles covered. 5 Ferries used (We used a bridge on the way to Sweden from Denmark hence the odd number). 1 very long car search at Dunkirk by the French which we gather ended in dis-belief at finding, cookies in the biscuit tin Les bought for his mom. And after opening every souvenir, a plate which Les had bought that had Oslo written on it, confirming where I had told them we had been.

Back to work tomorrow back to reality

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