Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well with little sleep and too much to drink Big-L came round to collect me for relegation battle of the Rainbow V Cassual Old Boys, witht he match taking place at the Wolverhampton Cassuals ground.
Lovely and sunny would they manage to secure enough goals past the opposition to win and stay in the league? Probably the most tense game of the season...

Ryan can't beleive his look when another Rainbow player actual passes to his feet!

Jet coming in for the kisk of a life time

Its a goal for Rainbow

Foul comin ref its foul sureley?

Trubby 'Where the ball gone?!?!'

Action man Dan saves the day and reboots the ball

Can Neil keep hold of the ball?

Who's kicking what?

Steve Beason there again

Ryan suffers from shirt grabbing but does not surrender

Dan in a panic as the Rainbow defence starts to crumble

If only the ball could be kept lower it would have been a goal

Rainbow outclassing the opposition again

Steve Beason doing one of his dances again.

Neil going for the dive

Steve BEason giving it the boot

Goal for the Rainbow

Trubby giving it the high boot

Some all star action

Neil Allen striking yet again, what a performance

Neil Allen giving it the boot

The walls to far left lads which reults in a goal for the opposition booh

Jake taps the ball

Should I step back a bit?

Gav doesn't want to be left out and also gives it the boot

Neil Allen in control while Sprog smartly walks down the pitch behnd him

Jet 'I can't look at him he's just to ugly'

Celebrations with minutes to go

Time wasting

Rainbow win, showing there biggest audience yet what they can really do.

Bill Poades comment 'I knew they could do it but why why did they have to make such hard work of it?'

Later we went to the Rainbow to Celebrate................


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