Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I have received this

after a bid on ebay which had no photo or much detail but I recognised what it was.. For those of you who don't recongnise it it is a very very rare CD (NOT BOOTLEG) of the Wonderstuff live in concert at Manchester back in 1995. I have longed to find another copy of this and have never seen one since parting with my copy by lending it a friend whom has never given it me back!(and I have no idea which of them it was. So if you thought I was scowering your CD collection I was probably looking for this!) If you do recognise and want to feel honest I do not mind being greedy and having two copies.

After last years shit missunderstanding with Phones 4 U we move onto Orange dealings.

I write the next bit in bits to make it easier for you to understand:

1). For those of you who do not know I called orange after seeing an offer on their website for 120 anytime anynetwork and 30 txts for ?15 a month and a T610 for Free. As my contract has done a year I asked if I could have this and was told no it was for new customers with new numbers only. After some more conversation my phone was to be changed to PAYG and a new sim would be sent to me. When I get it I need to call them to register my number onto the new SIM.

2). I sat down and worked out how much my monthly bill would come to with PAYG compared with the minutes I use on average. It worked out I would be no better off.

3). So I decided I could live with a new number and ordered off the web a new phone, contract and number. But during the form filling it asks you if you want to keep your old number and if so how it is with. So I type the info in.

4). My new phone still has not come but today I have a received a letter from orange asking for a PAC from my old service provider, which is orange. So I have called them for it.

5). Eventually I was asked why am I moving from orange?

6). But I'm not moving from orange I explained just changing plan and taking my number with me as the form suggested I could and was following the instructions from orange.

7). Ah but you can't move an orange number from orange to orange. I explained their form on the web does give you this option and so I selected it. He said I couldn't do it. Look mate your form said I could.

8). Then he asked what contract I was connecting to. He didn't seem to keen that I would be getting a T610 for free but concluded that he could arrange it for me on the account I have at present instead.

9). I hum and ha'ed and said "but I have already ordered the new contract and phone!" (in my mind this is getting very messy)

10) He told me just to send the new phone I had ordered off the web back when it came and cancel it in the cooling off period.

11) I told him I was surprised he could arrange this deal for me as before I ordered it off the web I called orange and asked them if they would change my contract to this new offer with or without a new phone and I was catorgoticaly told it was for new customers with new numbers only. He then explained that they should have put me through to him and he would have sorted it in the first place.

12). Things are really messy now as a pay as you go sim will also appear through my door as well soon from Orange.

13). A phone will appear at work.

14). And god knows where this other phone is going to come to, it wasn't discussed!

15). I think someone should check there web site and sort it.

The above is very dissapointing. Why do record companies push these bands into releasing sub standard stuff before they have time to mature some of the songs. Grrrrr

This has come and having not much time to watch it I may leave it till Friday night with an interlude for Big Brother. I've watched the trailer and it needs some time to watch it I think. Completley missed it when it was on the movies.

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