Friday, June 25, 2004

While disscussing the weather for Greg & Di's BBQ tommorrow I came up with this little ditto:

The weather is a changeable thing.
Gobal warming, I wonder what that will bring.
Sun in the morning, dark sky by night.
Better keep your coat in even in day light.
We need to keep away from that skin cancer fright.
A tan you may think is nice,
And frost bite, cold as ice.
We have snow in the summer, and hail too.
Then just when think its winter the sun warms you through.
Planning a BBQ could be the worse thing you do.
There is no telling what will happen with gobal warming and how it will effect you.

A poem by Nack

Great eh.

I have put my oldest and in so many ways best minidisc players for sale on ebay. They don't seem to make them like they used to.


While when it first came out 11 years ago I wasn't the biggest fan, but there was something about this comedy that ment you could always sit down and watch Fraiser with ease and enjoyment. I forgot to mention it earlier in the week but on wednesday the very last one was aired on British TV. The episode 'Goodnight Seattle' had a truly fitting end to the series: warm, witty, very funny and finally rather moving. I won't give too much away but suffice to say Frasier and Niles struggle to organise Martin's wedding to Ronee, while Frasier himself has to deal with the departure of Charlotte to Chicago and the offer of a high profile radio job in San Francisco. We are also treated to the appearance of Anthony LaPaglia, Richard E Grant and Robbie Coltrane as Simon, Stephen and Michael Moon, but things take a dramatic turn as Daphne goes into labour. The series ends as it should on a high.

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