Sunday, July 04, 2004

Friday night and I was up for a night up town and ended up in Cheekies. On the way home Sprog and myself wanted curry so off we went for our first visit to see Mr King at the Ship. But he wasn't there and on the menu there was only 3 curries! I asked what was going on, where was Mr King and if there was another curry menu. I was told the chief from Mr Kings was in the kitchen and would do us any curry we requested that he did at Mr Kings. So I had a beautiful Madras and Sprog some other Balti.

It would appear that on the way to Glastonbury the lads minibus ran out of fuel on the journey down, and they all seem to be blaming each other over the decision to not stop at the last service station they passed. But Norf decided he wanted to stir things up a little more by telling us what happened after Glastonbury. After everyone had been dropped off from the minibus Norf apparently got a call from Matt asking for help as he had broken down. Matt being very tired and well... had been to the petrol station to fill his car up after collecting it from where he got off the minibus. What he had not noticed though was the black handle on the pump he filled his car up with. Yep he filled his car with diesel instead of petrol and then drove off until it cut out. I understand it cost him an arm and leg to have it pumped out and engine cleaned at a garage. BUT what upsets me is the fact he didn't ask for the diesel back so I could have it!

Ebay and I have sold my old minidisc player and my Peter and Jane books. The minidisc player has sold for 36pounds + post and packing and the books for 7pound + post and packing. I was surprised the minidisc player went above 30pounds and I'm quite happy at that.

Last week I bought a big capacity battery for my T39 phone. I new it was bigger than the standard battery but it is ridiculous. It does give you about 200 hours standby time but it takes away the sleek profile of the phone. So I've decided to resell it. You can't tell how thick it is from the ebay picture I'm using but take a look at the second picture.

During all this action Deadmanjones calls me to advise he has broken his chain on his bike. He must have some large leg muscles I haven't noticed to do this. I hope however he takes my advice and gets someone else to fit it as I wouldn't want to try myself. As is the the case it apparently broke at the furthest point away from home. Its a bummer.

I bet your all wandering who has won the mug from the Barcelona mugs. Well I'm closing entries this Friday night. It would appear having spoken to people they are having problems knowing what the band is the song names are to. So here are two clues.

1). If you have read my blogg lately you will have seen them in front of your eyes.
2). It was one of the bands I saw live in 2003.

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