Thursday, July 01, 2004

Having come to use my scanner I have found my tax disc for my car still there! Better put it in the windscreen tommorrow. No piint forking out all theat lolly and then not bothering dispalying it.

I have bought one of these Pilot Green things and fitted to my car. I have also done a web so that if it does not live up to its claims it will get a web page warning you to aviod. We will see.

By tommorrow night my old minisdics player, and Peter and Jane books will have been sold on Ebay. Let the money roll in (because its not at the moment).

For my birthday some weeks back my brother has brought me a copy of Rail Road Tycoon 3. Oh how the graphics have moved on, but it has somewhat made the game play more diffiuclt I reckon.

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