Saturday, July 31, 2004

While I wait for my white shirt to come out of the wash and for it to be time to go to the wedding I thought I hit out a blogg. Thursday I managed to find time for a carry on film.

Carry On Lose Your head is most definetly one of the better ones and was a most enjouyable watch. Its the one about the Black Finger Nail.

Anyway last night I joined the boys for a final pint with Paul Beason being single. We meat at the Rainbow and then headed up to the Swan in Brewood. After last week you would have thought I had learned to take it a bit easier but no this morning I wake to a crazy head. There is something in common mind with last night and last weekend. That being the consumption of many pints of Guiness. Perhaps my body can't take it. I don't feel like a drink later on today but perhaps that will change.

All this socialising has got in the way of Big Brother. So I thought while I was here I would see who has been evicted.

Ah Michelle. I think out of them I now want Jason to win. It would have been victor but the series without Victor or Jason would have just been dull. Which is what it now is. I feel the voting public (not me I'm just a spectator) have got to think hard about what they have done. It started as one of the bestt Big Brothers ever and now at the end I fear it will have become the most boring and stagnet pond life ever. But we'll have to wait and see.

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