Friday, August 13, 2004

As I mentioned last weekend Big-L and myself headed up the motorway to Edinburgh. And on the way we got a tan. which was lucky really as once we had reached Edinburgh city centre our stay was greeted by a cloud which hung around until we left on Sunday.

This will obviously will bring back memories for some and our stay in Morningside.

But what we had come to see was the Edingbourgh Milatary Tatoo. Here are some picutres....

The lone bag pipe player.

In the morning neither of us used the shower. It was just to close for comfort.

We stumbled on the Queens yacht before leaving Edinburgh.

And on the way out we find the sun again and a beach.

We move onto Dunbar where apparently the propeller for the boat was invented. Not that anyone was interested at the time.

We moved on and decided to check out the Millennium bridge at Newcastle

One minute it was down. The next it was up. Which is good as I've done another of Nack's most boring movies.

As we left the city we stopped of at the Angle of the North. You can just see Big-L at the bottom!



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