Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Saturday and went to meet Big-L, Martin and Marg at the Newhampton Inn before the Wolves match started. not that I was going to the Wolves match. Nope I was going out to buy a new belt. As the weather was so good we sat outside and ordered some food. I had a jumbo cod and chips and while there was nothing wrong with the cod it was the chips that really impressed me. They were real chips. Home made type cooked till golden brown on the outside but still fluffy on the in.

After the match it was time to had over to the Wrekin for Sarah and Nipper's wedding reception.

Cutting off the cake

The fire works made us forget the 3 quid twenty a pint, well for a short time anyway.

Dial a best man was doing the usual duties!

Then it was time for a dam good boogie

Well I made it home and lucky me was wakened by Big-L banging at the door to take me to the Friendly game the Rainbow footie club where having. Mind it was a gorgous day.

The night before Matt claimed they went to bed around 12:30am with Neil sandwiched between him and a naked John Price but they never explained why they didn't get to sleep until 4:30am

Les from the Rainbow makes it for a game and plays at being line man.

Neil can't take any more. He's just got to throw on the pitch.

Manager Bill Poade makes a brave decision and lets Big-L take Neils place.

And there he is No. 2 in action.

Move that belly.

Trubby on the run.

Ot O. This lucks nasty has Big-L flatten the opposition?

Oh yes now that must have hurt...

the oppositoin is definetly in pain..

This could be serious

Is he dead?

Do we need an ambulance?

Play is back on and Big-L scores!

Without Big-L it would have been a diaster 3-4 to the Stirups

Later on I head over to my brothers for a BBQ and some beers.

watch this Monday night after messing with all the photos I have taken this weekend.


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