Monday, August 23, 2004

Thursday I watched this. A film I couldn't remember seeing it before. Its a very old horror which as it turned out is still as good as the original Alien film. Most impressed.

Friday stayed in and read my book as the plan was to get up really early and head to therapy Park for around 9am. But when the alarm went off at 6:30 I rolled over muttering something like 'I never get up this early even for work'. By the time I'd nipped round Big-L's had a cup and asking him weather we were actually waiting for something to out of the washing machine as we were watching it it was time to get in my car and head down the motorway.

Lucky the weather was going to be with us for the weekend which was great. There was the not so wild wet rapids

the world record holding roller coaster for the most inversions

The very very very wet Tidal Wave. YUK

The nemeses Inferno - and that blur on the right at the front, wearing the shorts Big-L tells me is me!

Big-L not blurry cuz Nack took the photo with the roller coaster again.

After the theme park we headed towards Crawley were Deb lives for her Birthday BBQ and chocolate birthday cake.

Big-L gave some instructions on how to use the BBQ.

Next day we got up and headed into London for

Tea at the Ritz.

Well Hyde Park, really where we.....

followed the Princess Diana walk.

Where we stumbled on the 'Energy by Watts'

Eventually we got to the Diana Fountain

For what it was worth. Too many tourists around you see.

Eventually got home and was soo tired. But I managed to stay awake for Jeepers Creepers which oldy left me felling like I was going to have nightmares...


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