Monday, August 02, 2004

Well once dressed up, the hang over seemed to go. Looking back on it I'm glad I managed to cool Neil Allen down about going to Cheekies after the pub in brewod. Although I admit it did seem like a good idea at the time it would have ruined Saturday, for me anyway.

The wedding went like clockwork, from where I was standing anyway. I guess from where Paul was standing as the bride did turn up.

Then off we went to the Moat House for the Reception with two people could not leave the air guitars alone.

Paul in his wisdom last Saturday took a fun camera which I had totally forgotten about. And as I could not remember anything after the Cuban bar I was suddenly worried when during the speeches he advised that the presents that where given out as picture frames had pictures of what was going on last week! When I was shown the photo I still couldn't remember doing it but apparently I'm good at balancing logs on my head in the middle of pubs!

There was also a couple of us playing cards and drinking games in the O'Neils up Brum. Look there are my never to be seen again GlaGlastonburysonbury playing cards! But here is a moment where Matt Poade ends up drinking a whole pint of Guiness in one to John Prices surprise. But look how evil Mr Poade looks. Did he know the cards had been fixed while he was in the toilet. Well I didn't remember until somebody mentioned it...

Sunday ended with a BBQ dinner for me Big-L round my brothers house. The weather was good. The food was good.


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