Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hi. whats been happening? Well its time to take a look at the Scandinavian photos isn't it. Take a look enjoy site back and well just take it all in. You may or may not also notice that all the photo have now been moved to the i12 server. Which means theres no adverts any more even on the older photos. Well untill they start advertising I guess.

Tuesday was a sad day because I found out Kurt and Brian had died. Well the show must go on I guess. Mind this first show of the new series was funny all the way through. Hopefully it will stay this good throughout.

It would appear my last blogg was about buying my snowboard. And although it was a lot of dosh it was well worth it. Having been on it just under two weeks ago I can truely say it was definetly worth the money. It turns on a pin, its flexiible and it has a great pass of accelaration. And boy am I excited about taking it to the snowdome this coming monday. Something I'm not so estatic about is the fact the membership will have run out by then, so I've either got to renew it (having just checked 55 quid). Me and Matt have paid up on our snowboarding holiday to Avoiraz. Although we aren't sure weather we have booked to take our own boards - although they know we don't want to hire them. It's Norf's birthday this week I understand so we'll just have to see what happens.

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