Saturday, December 18, 2004

An account of last night, if I remember rightly...

Caught the not ten to eight bus up town. Go to George (varsity). John Price tells us all that last night he woke up in the night around 3:56 Went for a piss up the corner in his bedroom. When his girlfriend asks what he is doing. He takes another eight steps into the bathroom to finish off. Apparently this takes him 9 miunutes as he remembers what time the clock said when he got back in bed. A a few pints before we move onto the Town Hall Tavern (Little Civic). A couple of pints and some tickets for Cheekes. We move onto the Exchange (The Cuban Exchange). Stoke up the log fire there and add some logs. Move onto cheekies. Use the cloak room for my non expensive coat. Go to back room and join others, now driking Newcasle Brown - no cider touched my lips last night! Someone in our group tips drink on Nozza. Having nearly finished my Newky I went to the toliets. Impressed loads of people in there by trying to find somewhere to balance an empty bottle while going. On way out fill up bottle with warm water. Liquid inside now looks like piss! Find Nozza and give him warm bottle. He feels the warmth and asks whats in it. I tell him I've been to the toilets. He thinks its piss! It gets passed around from person to person very quickly unitl it gets to Mr Matt Poade. Who shouts some abuse and then empties the piss (warm water) around the area he is standing in, covering people. Next thing you know some guys want to smak Matts face in - god knows if they heard it was ment ot be piss or not. ah ah. Situation is calmed down. Nozza looking up and down himself going I'm covered in your piss - which is when I explain to him its warm water not piss. ah ah. Later get coat and get taxi. In fact its a mini bus I manage to talk into taking us back at 3 pounds a peice(I've excelled this time). Neil Allen appears from nowhere and so also gets in mini bus. Mini takes us home and a few of us to John Prices flat where it is very comfy but too late for curry orders. Nack is now starvin. Some hard hitting action is put on the TV. Nack has to dump during hard hitting action. So its not just Matt's flat that has this effect on me. Go back to settie. At around 5am I'm woken and we are all going home. Still hungrey I make saugae sandwiches and chicken soup (which I can still ast funny enough). Wake up at 1pm. Hungover as if I had drunk cider.

Oh the picutre in the middle of the page changes everyday now. Great in it?

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