Sunday, December 05, 2004


Rainbow F.C.

Sunday brought the BIG match. I took my new camera along, which brought about a couple of things. Timing of pressing the button and what picture you actually take is a lot worse than my old camera. The battery will not last a whole game, so I have purchased some more AAA 800mAh rechargeables. When in full zoom and the play comes at you, you just take close up of bodeis and not action. Also my old camera seemed to do wideangle so you didn't really have to look at the screen when you took photos. This one you do or you don't get what you want. The pictures do come out better though and you can get some action shots from across the pitch. Which player 'number 14' nearly got into some action shots if it hadn't been for the batteries dying. On the way out of the park their goalie asked Big-L where the Rainbow Theme Tune had gone. He must have been looking forward to hearing it.

A couple of pints down the Rainbow and I borrowed Vanilla Sky Album from Matt. This brought about watching the film again. I forgot how good it was.

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