Friday, December 31, 2004

Tuesday night saw the christmas poker extravagansa round Richard Sprocens (problably spelt wrong before you say). One big win at the begining which lead to me losing half the money I tookl in the first place when we left.

Wednesday I headed into town and got the tickets for the snowboarding holiday I'm going on with Matt to Avoriaz. I pay for the second one we are going on later in the year and then go and get a cheekies ticket for New Years Eve.

I nip round Matt's flat and we discuss going to Birmingham to do some snowboard gear shopping. He wants to go by train and I'm happy to go by car and park in the large slug like creation Trubbie had a hand in building (from a desk of course). We head off in the car and Bull Ring parking doesn't let us down. Within a few minutes we are parked up and roaming the shops. I find a new fleece to replace the one that got pinched and Matt bought this and that. I dropp Matt off home and head back myself for a family dinner which aparently I'm late for. I have dinner and when everyone leaves notice I'm not feeling too well.

I sit down on my cofy sofa and put on the Terminal. A film I missed at the cinema staring Tom Hanks. I eat lots of choclate and go to bed. Although I don't sleep much due to cough sneezing and genraly feeling bad.

Although I'm not well I drive down to Reading to collect some skis I've bought on Ebay for my brother. A first time ebayer who doesn't know what he is doing so I decide to pay cash face to face. On the way back we head to Milton Keynes but I'm too ill to snowboard. We look around the shops but the majority of stuff thats on display is just sales stuff they want rid off. It annoys me intensily shopping in January when they hide the good stuff in the cupboards round the back.

Once to the first services I let my brother drive home. Scary and I asked him not to crash at least twice.

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