Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tuesday I went swimming and did my now complusary 60 lengths with Rog, after messing with the photos I'd taken from the Avoriaz holiday. Then my camera died again! I'm now on my third camera in 3 months! I have checked on to ensure that now one else has the same problem with this camera and well there only 3 reviews but none show any problems. Wednesday night I get a moment to watch a film - Lost In Translation. It stars Bill Murry and Scarlett Johansson who meet in Japan not speaking the language and become companions. Its an odd love story written and directed by Sofia Coppola where they get to a special point togeather and then don't go no further. This certainly will not be a film to everyones tastes but shows Bill Murry probably and oddly at his best.

After that I watched the ever exciting Desperate House wives. I'm oddly addicted to this series but I don't know why. I'm doing fairly well on the book I'm reading up to page 220 of 280. I might even finish it by Sunday night!

After Desperate House Wives there was an odd program on Channel four. The type of program that only be on channel four. It's called something like Anotomy for Beginers and is about cutting up dead bodies live on air with an audience. Tonights eposide was about the digestive system and was actually quite intresting if a bit well sqemish (if thats a word). Luckily this dead people had donated their bodies for medical research!

Tonight I've been swimming with Di. God she's a good swimmer. I managed to do my 60 lengths but only just. I'll be sleeping well tonight.

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