Monday, February 07, 2005

I came home form poker night a whole twenty pence up. Not to be laughed at that twenty pence as it meant I wasn't down for a change! The next day I got up but felt awful. Four cans of larger and I get such a head ache? What is going on? I on the way home I called Big-L to see if he wanted to go out for a beer. It was going to be one of those nights where the first pint decided on whether or not I would be up for staying out. He advised though that because the Wolves were playing at home tonight that all other life was put on hold. I question why a Friday night and apparently it's down to Sky? I agreed to meet him at 9:20pm but by 8pm I was too tired to go. It was around this point that I had fish and chips from the chippy. A relevant point as this was the first time since my holiday I'd had chips (and chip shop chips are ok to have). So I curled up in bed and had an early night. Which was probably a good thing as on Saturday I was off to Tom's 3rd Birthday. As soon as I got up I txt Sara for the time to meet at the Wacky! No reply. Then Big-L called. I'll be round to collect you we need to be there by 10am! Crickey.

We arrived at the Wacky at the Rock Hotel and luckily the kids were already playing. Me and Big-L got refused blue slushes! It had been a while since I'd had a blue tongue. We headed down stairs a bit later when the kids were having their Wacky meal. We got a couple of pints and sat down with some others who wanted a break from the kids.

When it had died down we where off to the Newhampton Arms with Greenie, Sara, Martin, Marg, Martin and Cheryal. and what a good move this was as on the menu was 'real home made chips', which I got confirmed with the barmaid before ordering steak and chips. God it was divine! Big-L took me home and said he would call me later after he'd done some house work.

It wasn't that much later actually when he called, desperate to go up town on the 6:20 bus. Okay dokey I thought and so meet him on the bus. We had a few in the Hogg's Head while watching the rugby. From here we went to the Garage (Mundoons). We had come here as Big-L wanted me to try some of there bright orange scrumpy, which apparently tastes great. We ordered a couple of pints and watched as the orange stuff dribble out of the cask. In fact these two pints finished the cask off. It really was a nice drink. High in alcohol, high in colour, and nice tasting - no after taste like most. Martin soon joined us and then Greenie turned up. Then Greenie got a call asking him why he'd gone off with the car keys. He was about to go home to take the car keys back when we pointed out that the bus was at least in 30 minutes time so he might as well wait. We changed drinks to the Russian larger - lovely and watched Greenie go out side for another telephone conversation. Gaz and Sarah joined us and the so did the less spotted Beardy!

We moved onto the Passada where I took a bottle of Russian lager.

A few more pints lead to a decision to go to Bast Off. But Greenie was too keen on the idea.

Then he had a brain wave and left Sara a message that he had missed the bus and would get a taxi "later". He was coming clubbin!

A quick visit to the nearest ATM and we where in The Little Civic to get some tickets and a pint. Erm no tickets left and the que was long outside. We stayed a while.

Once inside Blast Off I took Big-L to the Glass Room Bar. Somewhere he reckoned he'd never seen before!

Some boogieing was done and eventually, Sarah, Gaz, Greenie and me left to go for a curry at the Nikalash in School Street. I can recall having a Madras which wasn't on the menu and stopping them emptying the balti dish onto a plate. eventually it was time to go home!

Now Big-L came round about 10ish in the morning and did I fell rough. Lack of sleep I guess. Off we went in his white van to watch the footie. The cool morning air was refreshing and soon made me feel much better. Matt Poade was substituted during the game which upset him some what and Bill came over to me to say he liked the web site but what had Matt done to me to make me say I what I had in his profile. After the match it was up the Rainbow to beat Big-L two games to one at pool.

Not much happened after that. Arrangements were made for everyone to be up town this coming Friday night and a cheekies session to celebrate Steve's birthday, so here comes more alcohol abuse.

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