Thursday, February 03, 2005

Last Friday I headed up to Birmingham to some some friends I used to work with and still enjoy there company. I was first shocked that an evening return to Birmingham has now dropped to only 1:55! We were going to start in the Old Joint Stock but when I got there I found it was closed. Picking up my phone from my pocket I noticed I had a message. They too had found the pub closed and had moved to Bennett's. Luckily although I'd never been there before it was just round the corner. I pint in there and we were off for a Tia meal that was booked at The Tai Orchard. Lovely meal but I still prefer the one in Wolvo myself. From there we headed to Brindley place and I decided to stay late and try and catch a late train from London.

Great idea but in practice it was not so successful. In fact when I got to the station there was nothing on the boards. So I went ad asked at the reception. The lady there informed me that there was no late trains to Wolverhampton on a Friday only Saturday. This was surely information the wrong way round. Anyway I arranged to be collected from the station but being warm thought I would hang around talking to strangers, one of which wanted to get to Carlisle. Good luck was my advise. Eventually a guard and station staff came and talked to me. The chap asked where I wanted to go and I told him Wolvo. He than told me the next train was 5:30. The conversation went on for a bit but had the following in it and me being a bit tipsy I was argumentative. I know there are trains from London at 10:50, 11:50 and 12:50. It takes 2 hours for the train to get to Birmingham and they all terminate at Wolvo so I know there are trains. eventually after putting up with me a bit longer he eventually cracked and told me 'that these late trains do exist but they are no longer advertised or displayed on the boards. He wasn't allow to tell me about them, what time they are due or what platform they where going to appear on. This was because they are now classed as 'drop downs' only and not pick ups. This just infuriated me into a load of what the f*Ck is going on with the rail system now! You run trains but don't let people get on them. This could SURELY only happen in Britian. He finally asked if I had a ticket, which I did and therefore he would allow to stay in the station. It was pritty obvious he was letting me get one of these trains if I could work out which platform it would be on. Mind I didn't really know the times but I'll be getting a London to Wolverhampton time table for my next late night visit to Brum. As it was I went for a piss, and there was no way I was paying twenty pence so I climbed over the barrier. That British Rail for you or what ever they want to call themselves.

Saturday I got up about 11am. Collected my brother and went to Wolvo. I went and got my hair cut while leaving him in the Quadrant lounge. I decided that I wasn't going to have my hair short, so I asked for the exact opposite of what Mat Poade asked for last time he visited the barbars. Yep I asked for it not to be cut, just tied up. She laughed but new what I meant. After I went looking for a new coat. Tried on loads but never really found what I was looking for, although I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just new that if I found what I was looking for I'd know I'd found it. Anyway headed back home and later to my Uncle Adrians for a pheasant supper as today was the last day for pheasant shooting and it is celebrated by cooking many a pheasant and eating it. Yummy pheasant.

Sunday and Big-L came round to watch a very very cold Rainbow Football game. It seemed to go on forever. A quick pint up the pub and I was then back home. I finished of the Avoriaz photos and web page hence you can see them.

Sunday night was movie night and tonight on the BIG screen was Team America. Marginaly amusing but I wouldn't watch it ever again! I think the point is short and sweetly made there.

It's come to point where my 20Gb and 40Gb drives are almost full, so a quick visit to SVP has come up trumps with an economically priced 160Gb Maxtor unit. Hopefully that will keep me going for a fair few years. I managed to remember this week that ER was on Monday channel 4 at 10pm. It was the episode where Doctor Corday has been sacked from her acting position because she was costing a fortune or so I heard the rumors.

Tuesday I went swimming and exceeded 60 lengths, for some odd reason I was full of energy, something not to be missed. Last night I watched another episode of Desperate House Wives followed by the first 3 quarters of predator. I always think the last bit of that film gets a tab boring. Anyway poker night tonight and I'm prepared to lose hundreds of pounds. Oh yeah I've given up chips unless they are proper thick BRITISH CHIPS. I've done well so far. I haven't had a single one since coming back off holiday.

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