Monday, February 21, 2005

Saturday I went out to the Whacky. Along came Mrs Greenie and the troublesome two some. Mind they were very excited about.

Right to thte top they went.

Before they were refulled for some more acitivtes ie going home.

That night went up Codsall to see Greg and Diane who are now engaged and Gaz and Sarah. We spent the whole night in the Station pub and by George did time fly by. Before you knew it it was Sunday morning and time to Watch the Rainbow play. Luckily it was cancelled so that was the end of that.

Instead me and Les planed our next extensive tour. The Irish Tour. And we boked a ferry from Holyhead To Dan Laoghaire for Thursday before Easter and returning on the Tuesday night. Didn't use the usual people I book with but instead as they were offering more sensible times! All we have got to do now is some research into what we want to see in four and half days!

I have finaly got round to starting the web site, although there is still plenty to do on it.

Apperntly we are having a cold spell this week with some snow. I however have got in a bit of practice with my snowboard last night at the snowdome before my Italian snowboarding holiday. Although there hasn't been any snow fall in the resort since the 23rd February. This was the view tonight as I left work in Birmingham and...

This veiw just before I got home.

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