Saturday, April 09, 2005

We the car has passed its MOT so I have no more to spend on it thankgod for the moment! I actually when swimming on Thursday with Rog. The first time for 16 days. I thought it was going to hurt. I thought it was going to make me hurt the next day but it hasn't. In fact I managed to complete sixty lengths in record time and was feeling well fit. A bit surprising really. Third Day Away played the varsity last night and they have a fair few more gigs coming up. I made a precise decision to stay in though to redeem so of the money for the garage bill from my spending money. Can't forget Prague stag do isn't far away now, so a couple of weekends in shouldn't hurt (I think)! I even managed to say no (just about) when Big-L called to see if I was going up town. I have been looking around for insurance on this other car. It seems quite pricey unless I go with Elephant or Bell Direct. I have a couple of specialist numbers to ring now as well though.

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