Sunday, May 15, 2005

Up Wolvo for Sprogs birthday. He seemed to be aging quite well.

You grab them like this and give them a good squeeze.

Graham and his Girlfriend have returned from the backward county to Wolvo Mecca.

I've got a barrel of this stuff at home.

!!!! MILF alter !!!!!!

Have you heard the good news?

If I've told you once I've told you a million times. Golf is for.....

Its not my birthday. is it.???

The possie

It is my birthday isn't it?

Love me, love my beer.

I can't work out why I'm so wasted.

Gosh I can see right through his ear.

Phil leads the fashion front.

Matt chatting to Wolvo's tallest girl. Not the best picture...

The best picture would be of her bum!

Largin it

Disco lights

The civic square.

University street

Big-L catches Nack up.

In Jivans. Big-L acutally went to the pork joint while Nack went to Jivans. Asked for a table for two and explain his mate would be in a minute. Nack is lead to the smallest table. I then expalined that my mate was BIG and would not be able to fit at this table. A couple of muintes latter this BIG person came in and the waiter ran over. Is that him. "yep". Come with me to this table then. "I told you he was BIG"

Shockingly Big-L orderes half a chicken and chips on top of his pork joint sandwich.

Probably one of the best indian dish to be found in Wolverhampton.

Perhaps I shouldn't have order all this

Oh course I've booked you. No I'm not the filth.

Home sweet home.

Sunday I awake at 1:50pm. Have a shower and go round to the Poad's Palace. Matt, Andy, Teresa, Dylan and the parents are there. I don't stay for Sunday lunch. In fact Matt orders me to go home and get the Prague photos done. Which is what I intend to do until Big-L called and insisted I went round for a BBQ round his house! So that what I did.

"I can't find my husband"

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