Monday, July 18, 2005

Friday night Big-L and I cruised in the Eunos to Tenby to meet Gaz, Sarah, Matt, Kirsty and Norfy. With only a small boot only essentials were taken - tent, sleeping bags, cloths, BBQ, Frying pan, kettle, charcoal, the candle, two mugs, a knife and fork each and a spoon.

The lovely and sceanic single lane highways of Wales can be a problem when you meet people towing. But this guy was shifting. It was hared to keep up with him in fact and would overtake everything in his path!

Big-L and myself arrive around 9:30pm to find the others and get the quick erect tent up ASAP so that we can head to the club house bar and entertainment.

Saturday comes all to quick and after an early cloud session the sun starts to shine brilliantly. We head into town via the beach.

Once we reached the centre its time to cool down with a fancy ice cream each, yummy and oh so very healthy..

Lots to do in the center and after Kirsty has bought the latest edtion of Harry Potter we head to one of the many pubs.

Kirsty, Matt, Norf and myslef head to the beach. On the way Kirsty gets a big big big sand castle bucket and large spade. I go off for a long swim to the next beach and back before coming back to see a lack of sand castle constructuion happening. The competition is on to get the most perfect sand castle out of the bucket. Sounds simple eh but theis is a large sandcastle bucket.

I win of course. Just look how good that castle is.

Matt tries his best and just can not get it right. Mean while Norf moves onto pyramids.

Things move on in the construction world and we build the biggest sand castle on the beach to much amusement of the children around us and even more amusement to some adults of whom one even reached for their mobile phone to discuss the work of art with someone they knew...

This all of course was thirsty work so it was back to the pub for a refreshing drink and a moment to meet Elvis!

When the concert had finished we took another leasurly walk back along the beach to the camp site to get showered and changed ready for a Indian that night.

And so the meal was started off with drinks on the balcony and norfy felling Nacks lovely hair to one of the locals disgust. The sea water had strangley had my hair really soft and well nice to touch.

As the sea had gone out it was time to go in and tuck into the lovely indian food. It was a special moment as Big-L even ate in the restuarant too.

The meal went on and before you knew it it was late. A few of us went onto the club house before falling to sleep. Well some slept and snored and snored and bloomin snored.

The next morning a great breakfast was had and off Big-L, Matt and myself went for a game of 'adventure golf'.

Now I didn't do too bad at this.

Followed by Big-L and Matt having a go at baseball. I stood and watch the excellant bat swinging of Big-L. The form seemed to be not to hit the ball. Then the coach came along and told him for a big guy like yourself you should be able to hit that miles.

It was safer to stand behind Matt who did hit the fast flying balls.

Next we played Pitch and Putt. Oh dear I'm not good at this so I'll just leave you with some photos of the experts...

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