Sunday, July 31, 2005

Friday night was spent in Codsall, first the Bull then onto the Station then a walk back to the Crown before heading across to Saffron's for an early night Indian. Saturday morning I woke up early for some reason and then rang a few people to see if they wanted to go to Alton Towers. I had a few 15 quid vouchers that came with the free paper in the week. The weather wasn't the greatest but it was warm and it didn't rain while we were there.

The first ride we went on was a new one. And it took nearly an hour to get on it! Boy was it disorientating. I don't think I could have took much more spinning to be honest. And so we moved on...

Oh yeah the one ride which does terrify me more than any other. In fact the one ride that does terrify me just because I hate heights. And to be frank its those few seconds where it hangs you are the worst than the drop itself. As is getting more usual Big-L did not fit on the ride and was left to observe my terror. To settle my stomach after this we went ot McDonalds for lunch which most have took another 15 to 20 minutes to get served!

Next we went on the old and rather rough ride of the classic corkscrew which not only mixed my dinner up in my stomach but on the drops I almost tasted it again! Next we qued for another of the latest rides RITA. Another que for an hour for something which didn't look like it was going to be that good. But it was for those who fitted on it again! Luckily Big-L was given a group quick que pass to compensate - boy did he miss out on this one! Next was Hex then the best coaster of the lot Nemisis. They were followed by a drink and a ride on Air. The Gloomy Woods lazer ride and log fume finished the day off with just enough time to get back home and head up town to meet Gaz as agreed last night. When I met Big-L on the bus he told me he'd got a text message from Gaz saying he was too lazy to come to town, which obviously did not go down to well after rushing back! The beers started in O'Neils where Gaz did eventualy join us and so surprisingly did Beardy. We moved up the road for a couple at Yam Yams otherwise now know as the Lounge or what ever it is now called. We then moved onto the Passada to end the night before a few chips from King Keebab with chilli sauce and Gaz had drivin us home.

Today I have got up and cleaned both my cars. Refitted my windbreaker with an additional bolt and watched the Grandprix. Which had an intresting start.....




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