Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Last Saturday I got up early and got my haircut! Odd but my hair had just become to to long. I got it chopped early becasue at 9am I was off to No0ttingham for Steve Rogers Stag Do Karting Session.

A mini coach to use across to country to what promised to be an exciting time. We split into 3 teams with an addtional 12 teams to race against in a Le Mans type race. Our team 3 consisted of Rog, Matt, Sprog and myself.

The race started off with a run to the car in true Le Mans fashion. Rog was first so that he would be racing against his brother Ste (the chap getting hitched).

It was all very messy but

Rog was in first place. Yippeeeeee

Well that was until he blew the engine in the kart! Then we lost a few laps while we were given a new car. But this was not to be the end of our miss fortunes..

Luckily one of our other teams found it hard to get the hang of cornering!

Then they cornered before the corner!

Luckily Rog tried to make up some time..

Then Matt got in the Kart ... oh god...

He seems to have got the hang of it....

Oh no he's got sent to the sin bin and now he's aruging....

Matt back on track but a long way down.

Everybody into the walls.

Another of our teams runs into the wall!

Its confirmed that Nack gets the fastest lap of the race with 24.26 seconds

While team 3 doesn't make it to the leader board our team 4 does make it to get bronze GRRRR.

We travel back to Wolvo hot sweaty and smelling of petrol really. We have a couple of pints in the Hoggs Head and some grub before heading home to get changed for some real beer drinking in about an hours time.. Even later we can be found in the Little Civic of all places and Neils sideburns have turned ginger!

The music gets really wicked.

When Sprog decides he's going to lamp someone....

It could have been nasty but in fact he was just boogying. We head over to Blast Off long lost of the main stag group. I later head to Jivans but don't have my usual. Instead I have a chilli chicken Jalfraza! I'm tired so I head home rather earlier than planned.

Not much has happend during the week from then on. I've got round to swimming 60 lengths again when I go swimming WITHOUT Rog. Why I can do it while he's not there I donot understand.

Today my back box has died on my Cavailer. Being non French it means its easy to get a replacement delivered to my door from the guys at In the mean time I'll be using my boys car which I have also bought something for off ebay.

I've been trying to get one of these one the cheap for ages and have bid low on many to see them go for 70 or 80 or even more pounds. Yesterday I got an email saying that they had seen me bid for many windblockers at 50 pounds max. I they were willing to give me a buy it now chance at 51 + pp. So I've accepted. Now if this thing makes it feel like your in an enclosed space its coming straight off and back on ebay. Personally I love the wind to well deafon me while driving at a steady 70. We'll see soon I guess if it ever get from Munich. Anyway Big Brothers on with DepecheMode 101 music in the background so I'm signing off.......

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