Thursday, July 07, 2005

Last week was finished off with an outing from woprk directly to some pubs around Birmingham with some work friends. A few pints later lead to the usual visit to pizza hut to fill our faces. I went for a large hot cajunn chicken one which was astruggle to eat. But eat it I did and then we continued to a couple of more bars in the centre before heading off to Broad Street and finaly home.

Saturday was then followed by Greenie's birthday bash. A week early but it ment we could all get togeather for a BBQ, a burn and some watching of Live 8. Got really drunk and went to bed!

Sunday I did not feel great. A visit to Tescos ment I came home with these two DVDs at a very cheap price.

Flat liners an old classic &

Far and Away - well I like Tom Cruise films. I have not watch it yet but I bet its showing its age a little bit. The day was finished off with another BBQ for Sunday dinner!

Yesterday this came, I bought it to get some ideas of days out and were to go in Ireland when Big-L and myself return there this Autum. Well we like the cold wet wweather!

Monday and straight from work we headed up north to Bolton and the Reebok Stadium. Here we were to see Cold Play. They sounded great which is lucky really as they aren't much to watch. It was great to be at one of there gigs again. I think the last time I saw them was at Glastonbury 2002.

At Greenies birthday it got mentioned about the Annual Tenby Outing. And this year its planned for 15th 16th 17th July. Whats more if you book in advance online you can get a BIG discount. So I have.

Hope its SUNNY

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