Thursday, August 11, 2005

So Friday we jetted from Birmingham Airport to Edingburgh arriving around 2pm. We settled into the luxuary appartment and left to look around the city until it was time to go to the Tattoo. Its an odd thing which seems to make 2 hours odd fly by.

Perhaps its because its something I would never watch back home even on the telly?

This year it not being so dam cloudy we even got to seem some fireworks, yippeee.

Well like I said it was over before you knew it, ready for some late night drinking.

I was woken up by Big-L snoring but not till around 6am. So I got up had a shower and went to the hotle next door for breakfast once he was also up. From here we went up the the Sir Roberet Scott Tower.

And as Big-L had warned me it was a tight stair case to the top I knew it would be amusing!

As I hate walking the next thing we did was to get an open top bus around the city. One of the things I have not done on my many trips up to Edingburgh. As you can see all those steps up the previous tower had seemed to exhust Big-L! As you'll notice we are sitting on the back seats of the bus with Big-L in the central aisle. So what I hear you say. Well we specifically went on the bus were you get a real person guide doing the narration. And this person was narrating at the top level front of the bus facing Big-L. What a confidence booster to see that you've bored someone to sleep!

We carried on the bus for a second round of the same thing but with a different guide and so a slightly different veiw of things. Why we had stopped on though was becasue we could not be arsed to walk up the hill of the castle to our next appointment.

Off hand I can't remember what it was called but it was to do with light illusion and other stuff like that. On the roof you meet the oringal BIG BROTHER and can also take a look through the worlds most powerful telescope!

My oh my you can see great detail from miles around!

We had back indoors to play with the worlds largest plasma ball!

Hey look at us!

We move onto the streets of the Royal Mile to watch the on street entertainers!

These Aussie entertainers were especialy funny....

Finally later that night we relaxed in the comfort of our apartment.

Nice kitchen..

The next day we get up and prepare for the parade.

Go view from the first floor of the Robert Scott tower..

Eventually it ios time for home and we leave for our flight tired and weary.

As the central locking was playing up on the Eunos I decide to have a rethink of the installation and this is what I came up with using some new soleniods from Maplins. All seems fine now and the locks are more 'active' so hopefully I won't have to change them again. I have notice though that many people seem to have central locking problems on these cars.

And all the way from New Zealand comes a headlamp cover with an air intake whole. All I've got to do now is get it painted!

It would appear Sugar Rush has ended, which is a shame but there another channel 4 Drama Lost. Most people would have seen the first two episodes but after the second I flipped to E4 and watched the THIRD one two. humbug I've now got to wait till next Wednesday 11pm to get the forth one!

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