Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've changed my contact lens solution as there were no protein remover tables when I went shopping. This stuff reckons it removes protein each time you use it and has additional moisturizer in it. AND it does seem a lot better than my old stuff, a tad dearer but worth it.

I was actually up early to go to the hairdressers. I needed a tidy up for tomorrow. So in the rain I went out in my open top car hence the slightly missplaced hair look still.

When I got back my brother was round and we were going to pop up Stafford to do some shopping. I followed him up in the rain, him with his up me with mine down. We got to the motorway way island on the M6/A5 where my brother decided he'd go for a spin and end up see sawing on the central reservation. Luckily for him there was a central reservation to stop him crossing the road and luckily for him no crash barrier to smash his car up. One other person out of loads stopped and helped push the car back onto the road. Luckily no damage was done but it was time to get rid of those Japeneese tyres that don't grip in the went and spend some cash on some high spec all gripping goodyear F1's.

Saturday night was a boys night out up the Swan in Brewood to say goodbye to singledom for Greg. The night flew by which left me with a rather saw head in the morning and Big-L all the more thankfull for staying up till 5am watch Alan Partridge!

And so Sunday was Wedding Day. All the hussars turned up on time, and alas the best man eventually turned up. Even more importantly Greg actually turned up for something on time! We did the hussar bit and the wedding went smoothly - apart from Dylan seemingly objecting to them getting married when the Vicar asked.

We all headed over to Somerford Hall for the wedding reception and some wedding photographs. Here's Big-L looking rather smart.

The Wedding Breakfast was had and the speaches done which then lent time for a quick break and relax while the evening guests turned up.

After heartbeat, we made it down for the band to start and the first dance.

The band were infact really really good. Oh so good it was unbelievable perhaps. But they were good and lots of people boogied!

Even the chap from Stoke!

Eventually things quietend down and Kiren read us a bed time story.

Which plainly bored the hell out of some people.

But for those still awake there was still the red wine incident to come!

Eventually 4am came round and it was time for the party and celebrations to end.

Just who is that person trying to yodel?

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