Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the Irish Rock Collection I have. Although you can't really appreciate their beauty from this photo. However Deadmanjones might say is there not something missing?

Could it be this? A prize chunk of rock. Perhaps you'll get to see it soon?

While over in Ireland I also picked this gem up. Big-L took one look at me and said 'I'm not buying a motor bike'. So at least he's up for doing some ludicrous journey around the world. Having now researched the route they took it is obvious that the cavalier will not make it that way. Well lets face it they didn't make it on their BMW bikes if the complete truth is told. So far, so close but not quite. At least they gave it a go. Obviously not much to see in the USA as there was only one episode of eight of the journey to cover that part.

Thursday night brought a stone towards the cavaliers windscreen and that was the end of that. I dug out the insurance papers and gave them a ring to get a replacement sorted.

Friday I stayed in and watched The House of Wax. Odd and enjoyable. I wouldn't go out of your way to watch it but if your into this kind of film it could have been so so much worse.

Saturday and the cavalier gets its sparkling new windscreen - wow I can see the road so clearly now! The rest of the day is spent rewritting the jk-images web pages as I buggered them up and never kept a backup copy of version 2. Anyway version 3 now exisitings and a backup copy it just need to be downloaded.

For a change we spend Saturday night in Stafford. Now its been a long long long while since I've been for a night out in Stafford

And I was very pleasantly suprised how good the pubs where now. And it made a nice change to Wolvo anyway. The curry at the Curry Kuteer was well below par mind. Where are the 'proper' balti dishes! A quick Kipp round my brothers and its Sunday morning

big-L wakes me up telling me he's cooking me breakfast round his and to get up and collect him for the footie. Wow what a game and the Rainbow make it to 4:3 just before the final whistle. It was close mind! Off we head to the Rainbow for some victory drinks, chips, sausages and chicken nuggets! All this takes it out of me and I end up retiring to bed for 3 hours to 5pm! Odd that perhaps it had something to do with that Old Westons Cider last night?

Sunday night I kept my eyes open by watching The Day After Tommorrow, not what I expected the film about but enjoyable never the less and perhaps the films hinting at something in an educational manner?

Two new albums pop through the letter box. The Cure by The Cure an odd title considering its about their 8th album. Usual type sounds and pleasant enough although inside the book it does tell you to listen to it loud and with the volume pumped right up. Do they want me to annoy the neighbours further?

Something a little more gentle is finally Woken by Jem, which at first I thought what a load of tosh I have bought here (apart from the singles) but it does grow on you. Not outstanding though just pleasant.

Its been ages since I got on my snowboard and my Snowdome membership is up at the end of this month. So off I went to Tamworth to the fake snow and the fake mountain. On went the board and the feeling of this doesn't feel right with 4 seconds of going downhill before I landed flat on my back. It all came back to me pritty quickly though after that fall and was well impressed by the end of the night if not rather tired.

At last the Depeche Mode Playing The Angel finally lands on the floor in the hall. Well I haven't listened to it properly yet - but I would like to say why oh why have they copy protected it. Its makes it a pain to convert it to minidisc yet actually fails in preventing copying it so why bother and so is now on minidisc so the fingers up to you. It makes you want to go and purchase a pre ripped copy - will they never learn? Blundering fools.

Tuesday night I pack my bag for swimming and head off to the MX5 club at the Bradford Arms. I'm in for a surprise though as they have arranged for 3 MkIII's to be there and yep were allowed to take them for a drive. So bye bye goes the swimming session as I wait my turn to take one to Gailey Island and back. O so sweet if it wasn't that I had only bought my MkI earlier this year - and had 20000 spondunnies sitting in my bank account.

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