Tuesday, November 08, 2005

As is becoming more usual a quick catch up session. I had a couple of nights watching movies I had not seen, well its these dark nights you see. 28 Days Lateer now how did this British film slip by without me knowing about it. Ok so not brillant and if I'd seen it at the cinema I would have been disspointed but on the the BIG CRT well it was watchable throughout.

The next nights mive was Constentine - an even more wonderful movie about Heaven and Hell. Quite odd but again throghout enjoyable. In fact I might watch it again soon!

ooooo goodie my new Eunos lights have come. I can tell your just as excited as me about these.

So out come my old lights.....

Then a bit of jiggery poking around and crossing of wires means the indicators become the side lights and the side lights the indicators - I bet your wondering why......

Well these are the original lights.

and these are the new lights

And here are the side lights on during the day

And now brillant side lights at night!

Oh way look at all that light!!!!!!!

So the front inidactors are not that brillant. In fact I tried some amber LEDs as well but they just did not disperse the light well enough. However the restistors that came with the LEDs will be usefull to slow the flash rate down!

This weekend started with a fine all you can eat meal at The Copper Bowl. It was good to see Mr King again and I bet it was nice to see us sobber, well at the begining of the meal anyway.

Saturday night Big-L put on a firework party, so we got the beer out, the BBQ, the patio heater and of course the sparklers!

What a great selection of fireworks we had too. However some neighbour was trying to outdo us. Which was fine by us. It added to the display.

While the real kids stayed indoors glued to a DVD! (I blame the parents)

Of course the supper got burnt, we blam the chief.

As the night ended I settle in front of Big-Ls box to watch Quiz TV. The answer was 73. Or so I thought. Eventually someone rang in after about 30mins with that answer! But it wasn't the right answer!

Last night was the last eposide of Funland, odd is all I can really say but it all came togeather in the last two eposides. At least there was no lead on to a second series! BBC 3 brillant. Lets hope they never stop making more 2 Pints of Larger and a packed of crisps!

Today my Eunos has been to Mazcare to have its aircon looked at. Luckly (or maybe not) no leaks could be found! Which adds the question where did the gass go! Anyway 65 quid lighter I can now supper chill with the roof down, giggle!

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