Sunday, November 27, 2005

So Friday night we had a get togeather for Matt's 30th Birthday... I had to nip into the Tesco Metro to get some batteries for the camera after a few pints in the Trocadeara.

The choice of our wether our company or a ciggy was best is quite cleary shown here.

Matts taking it all in his stride.

Nozza got his money on Matt chucking before the night is over.

But Matt thinks Nozza needs lessons in gambling.

There is some sort of objection regarding this..

Is it squshy like a balloon?

Nozza organises a drinking competition. This should screw Matt up.

Its great to see Deadmanjones - Here he is calling for a ambulance for when Matt collapses. Now there's a mate.

The competitions going well.

And Sprog is going to be the winner by the looks of it.

Pha you win some you lose some. Off to the Barfly then?

Its a bit of a walk. Some of the others manage to get a taxi to the bar fly while Matt, Nack , Deadmanjones and Norfy walk it. Nearly at the sanctury we get a message 'the Barfly' was empty so were off to Snobbs.

Infact we manage to get a taxi too but with Matt not doing so well we head down the Birmingham New Road past Mr Kings and onto Wilkinsons Wolverhampton. Where Matt takes a leak in his own neighbourhood.

Its time for a snack and a hot choclate in the Vicerory.

Matt enjoys his starter.

Eat it up Matt. You won't grow if you don't eat it all.

Its a tough job for someone..

I think he's nodded off - perhaps its time to go to bed.

And then it was time to get up go home and ere go to bed until 3pm!

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