Sunday, November 20, 2005

Took around 2 hour to get there, but it was worth it. A two hour session was booked and before we started we nipped into Ellis Bringham's next door. I saw a pair of K2 Cinch, a comprismise design between the flow and the normal strap bindings. I looked round and asked if there was a chance of a demo pair. Low and behold they nipped off my bindings, took my credit card off me and gave me back my board with some 2K Cinch's on to try for 2 hours.

So at the top of the him and those dam bloomin drag lifts and it was time to give them a quick adjustment and test run.

The lovely slippery soft snow (unlike the Tamworth Snowdomes ice pack) was great to glide down and fall down on. In fact the first run down and I fell over giving me an ice back!

Apart from the fact it wasn't over busy the wide run here allows some fancy turns to be done at high speed. I would wish it was a longer run but theres no way I could cope with such a long drag lift.

Back on my bump with some doubts about these bindings. They are obvously not as good as the flows - probably down to the design not patent copying the flow. Perhaps because the stance isn't set up quite how my flows were. Or perhaps just because my legs were tired from being pulled up that bloomin drag lift. The drag lift was definetly the big problem factor.

My boarding was top notch on the way dwon even with tired out legs. So I went back after the two hours and bought them.

Got home via the Manky Way in time to head over to Marg and Martins for a do to Celebrate Martins 34th Birthday crikes! And of course there was the burn - which Matt didn't do well unlike normal. Once he'd given up I went up the garage round the corner and got 10Kgs of carcoal....

Now eventually that helped. And didn't it keep us warm until 2am while all around us turned a sharpe white.

Big-L even fell asleep but I doubt he remembers or will admit it!

Sunday morning and at 10:30am I get a call from Big-L telling me he's coming round the footie match is on after all - boollooooocks is all I could say to him. After all I was nice and warm in bed and tired.

They did well as it happens 3-2 to the Rainbow. But the game wasn't over a moment to soon with these cold feet. I even had my snowboarding socks on but they didn't help.

Nozza did very well if only he could have got a lot more of those balls in the goal.

Where as Trubbie seems to have found his perfect ballay partener! We headed down the Rainbow after for a pint or two and some Chips and 'hide the sausage'.

Once home it was time to get out my new bindings and....


What I was ment to say was put them on my board! Which I did and then adjusted and fine tuned them to fit by boots.

This left me with my Flows which I have cleaned up and have now put on ebay. Fingers crossed as I could do with some of the cash to pay for these new ones!


So make a bid even if you don't want them! Just push that price up!

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