Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Well it was nomanation time yesterday and I guess its time to show who I favour and who I thnk should win and therefore unfortunatley won't!

Well what wonderful songs he performed all those years ago. My first reaction of actualy seeing Pete was , errr what a freak, but he's face is beautiful in a way that for some reason means he has to plaster it with make-up. I guess the plastic surgons havn't done that good a job after all. And he must stop wearing that bloody furr coat. It gives out all the wrong signals about it being ok to wear them. If it is real fur then it is a shame not to wear it now the anaimals are dead but if he diudn't wear it full stop and no one else did then there would be little point or profit in making any more coats. Obviously little respect for those around him if a rather intresting conversatinal person.

The very famous actress and exwife of Denis, Rula is supreme and belongs to stay in the house a good while. Nothing bad or good really to say about her but at least she partisates, doesn't swear (well that often) and keeps Geroge company.

George who is what I thought about a week ago but now I understand about all the fuss. Well if I was in Iraq at that time I think I would like my best friend to Saddem as well. Theres an old saying which I'm not repeating. If there is one person in the house I would love to meet accedantaly and have a good chat with after pint number 4, I'm sure it would be George. I know this may be tricky as he don't drink, but I could drink his too which I'm sure would please him no end ;) Let the old man stay I say.

Preston - I'm part of a band bigger than Third Day Away - seems to have his head screwed on without being rude or vulgar. Perhaps too quite but thats not a bad thing as long as you know when to liven up

Chantelle non blonde, non celebraty is perhaps outdoing many of the celebraties here. Giggly smiley, comes across a lot blonde and is always there. Kills boredem by changing often she obvioulsy brightens up the day for all This would be my second choice to meet in a pub after pint number 4. However chatting might not be what I want to do! Yep I think this girl could go all the way - knocking the socks off and betting all the others to that winning post - shame theres no prize?!?!?!?

Dennis another celebraty who thinks he is god. I just thought who, what, eh. I'm not sure about this guy. Perhaps he should just pack his bags and go home to his American fans. Blunt, silent and just a plain dick.

Faria is not a celebraty, just a cheap filler person for a program that is obvioulsy on a budget this year. Doesn't belong in the house so get her out out out.

Traci, I can't say I was ever a big Bay w
Watch fan. In fact I wasn't a fan of it at all! She knows how to behave and how not to on screen. Nothing bad to say as I'm sure she's done nowt. A dimond.

I'm glad to see Maggot in the the house. He brings diversity, charisma, scummyness and generaly reminds me of Matt Poade. Let him stay.

Jodie listen girl listen, what was that, no listen to us - oh oh oh. Yep shes confirmed it she really is a slut......

Yeah Micheal Barrymore is back. But is he inpersonating Bez. Will this work a second time. Is he going to crack up on telly. He seems to have it still but here and there loses it again. And mate she won't listen shes a self confirmed slut!!

erhaps the best bit was Micheal trying to explain why Jodie is a slut. But she would not shut up and listen. Off she went to bed and her mouth was still wide open. There's only one way to shut a girl up like that Micheal but perhaps its not for telly!

My only Fools and Horses DVD collection is not yet complete and so I ordered another which came today. Sleepless in Peckham. I'll be watching that after CBB tonight. What a life.

Something I didn't realise was TV presneter Amanda Lamb was in fact the girl off the Scottish Widows advert. You learn something new every day. So when is the next eposide of Place In The Sun going to start so I can dream again..

If theres one good reason to know Deadmanjones its got to be this one - a classic Depeche Mode song done by the Classy Tori Amos.

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