Thursday, February 09, 2006

For those of you bored there are now 112 new picutres from last Sundays game on the football site. And some of them are dam good pics. Apart from going swimming on Tuesday I've not done much other than watch the 4 latest epsoide of Lost season 2. I've now got to part 12 and the plot is changing somewhat to the extreme! When will they screen some more??? Well I'm not going swimming tonight as I think I finally have got the flu everyone elese seems to have had. This is bad timing for the weekend! :( Greenie seems to have misslead me about the Inxs gig. There isn't one in the UK yet! What I can't believe is they used Terrance Trent Darby as a guest vocalist at one point. A Debate got going at work and perhaps like Queen should have done when Freddie passed away, they should have quit and restarted under a new band name???? Nowt else to say at this point other than let me sleep somewhat, my head hurts sooo much.

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