Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Saturday I went round Big-L's. We watched some dam good music on VH1 for a bit - the alternative 80's.

Eventually I managed to talk him into going out and so we ended up in Kniver. Why here?? Well number one Big-L knows a great fish and chips shop, closed but at least there was another open one across the road.

We study the amp to see just how far we have to walk to see the house in the rock.

It's a bit like going to Ireland - expect so much get delivered so little. Perhaps however it would have been much much better if there was a guide to tell me all about that speculation!

Look they even used bricks!

Big-L hidding in a hidy hole.

Theres so much to see here it is a must visit.

From a distance I guess it looks a bit preastoric.

We decide to do one of the walks to the top to see the magnificant view. I hatre wlking but Big-L seems to be suffering a bit.

I'm sure he'll catch up with me eventually!

Nearly there look - now what is that we are going to be rewarding with seeing.

A peice of concrete??

Well the view is decent in one way or another anyway.

The village of Kniver below.

On the concrete is a slab of thick slate detailing the area. ohhhh goodie.

Ohhh Kniver Edge

Me looking well warm next to this magnificant monument.

Apparently this is a roman fort. It is honest!

We follow the walk all the way round back to the car. The journey down is a lot smoother and easier. Well going down it would be wouldn't it.

We do a quick tour around South Staffordshire, which ends in ASDA Wolverhampton. Compared to the Stafford store this place is still claustaphobic even after the redo. Big-L buys a DVD but more on that latter!

We head back to big-L's where he cooks dinner and a fantastic dessert! erm Yummy.

Beardy joins us and we watch a bit more of the Alternative 80's before going down the Cross Keys.

Not much happening there so its off down the cannal to the Boat.

A quick nip through the tunnel and we are there. It would appear this is where the party of Penkridge seems to be happening!

After a few Abott Ales we move on down to the Star.

A few more pints and guess what we are off again to the Railway

We don't finish off all the pubs - in fact closeing time has caught us up. We make our way back to Big-L's. We stop to have a play with a speed camera. These things can be dam dangerous in the wrong hands. Once the fun is over ie no cars around we head back to Big-Ls to have some southern comforts and to sit back and watch Lock Stock and Two Smocking Barrels.

Sunday morning came quicker than you would expect and even Beardy joins us at the Cup match. the game goes into extra time and then continues into penalties. Eventually I was getting so cold I wanted to leave but this was the game of the year (so far anyway). And can you beleive it they won 5-4.

Eventaully I went home, updated the Rainbow FC website and admired the peice of volcanic rock that Big-L had brought me back from Tenerif.

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