Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well last weeks holiday seems to have exhausted me, I'm permantly tired and my legs ache. I have got the photos up though, although there is one or two that have gone astray as usual. I may well put that right at the weekend.

For those who don't know my phone is disconnected from orange. I'm looking at T-Mobile or O2 for a better signal at home (I would go with vodaphone again without out a doubt but signal is as bad as orange back at home). But I'm not sure which of the two to go for and I'm not taking my old number with me so it will be good bye to my number which I've had for over five years now....


Whats life going to hold for me during the next few days without a phone while I decide which to plum for. Mind Orange have charged me until the 22nd February but the letter I got did say that they would send one last bill to add credit / outstanding charges after disconection. Lets hope they put that credit on or I'll cancel the direct debit with immediate effect and let them swing for the money for a bit from all those calls I made in France last week. Oh course their automated phone system makes it imposible to talk to them now that it won't accpet my telephone number at the begining. Got to say Oranges customer service is far far better than when I used to be with Phones 4 U whom most people know I would not go with even if they offered me a year free with completely free calls! Mind the last person I spoke to at Orange had obvously moved jobs from phones 4 U!


The Furtures Bright But I Doubt It Will Be Orange.

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