Friday, March 31, 2006

Well the day finally came to see my favourite band.... Depeche Mode

I've had the tickets for nearly a year now...

We didn't get to Manchester in time to catch the full Bravey warm up part of the concert. In fact we only got to hear a couple of songs. However we were lucky to hear these if it wasn't for the car park we found around the back with just five spaces left- which was rather convenient. We hand the chap a fiver 'to look after' the white van and headed in search of something to eat. Probably a mistake and hence missed so much Bravery. Anyway everwhere was bloomin closed. Luckily after a short walk in the rain we got in the pressworks and had a sub toasted sandwhich. Not a Subway Sub may I had but something a little nicer.

And while they are not the best seats in the world you can bet they won't be that bad being at the Manchester MENA. This place has you sat sooooo steeply it can be scary, until they turn the lights off that is.

I'll leave you with some highlight pictures then as words would not do it justice!

It was all over far far to quickly!!!!

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