Saturday, March 25, 2006

Well I listened to it so much I thought I'd do the right thing and buy the James Blunt album. Its really really good afterall.

And as I'd already heard the album I decided to watch Gladiator instead. In fact this week I've watched a fair few films. Tuesday I was working away and even with a very early start I did not retrun home till about 10pm. It was a hard day but in a way nice to be out of the office.

So Wednesday night I watched Starwars II. I know I've seen it a fair few times already to but it was because I was.....

Going to watch Star Wars III the next night - and I did. What an exciting life I'm leading. Well I'm a tab skint till the end of the month you see.

I got home Friday night to see a package from Amazon had arrived. With the new Wonderstuff album out I thought it would be an ample oppurtunity to get the albums I never bought - which is all of them - as I only ever bought their live albums and the fairly ropey Greatest Hits albums.

Hidden away on these albums are some right jems. Oh I can here a car sing a ling coming!

Now it kind of brings back memories does this. I flick to the books to find the tale I wanted to read....

Now on here is a tale a moment in time - somewhere very special - yep its about Wolverhampton!

Just click on the picture to read and remember. Although I never got murdered - did you? And the Bikers move to Foxe's eventually you know. I was there one night - another memorable occassion, what a great bunch they were.

Friday night I managed to stay in listening to the Wonderstuff and then I watched the classic Event Horizon. Next week the Big Move at work. erm.

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