Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A big parcel came yesterday. Apparently the couirer had delivered five more of these yesterday and questioned weather they were something special or on sale. To you I guess it just looks like a normal exhaust pipe. (Thought I'd just mention what it is).

This ment getting under the Eunos and taking off the original pipe. Which turned out (as usual) to be a bit more of a bugger to do than expected. Being the VR model the car has a couple of extra brace bars on the suspension which really needed taking off. However the bolts were on solid and I was rather worrid about trying to get the bar bolted back into postion anyway. On most cars and the new exhaust their would normally be a flange half way through (hence the new one is in two parts) but no this is an all in one exhaust. Note the already small silencer (not the big thing at the one end thats the back box but the small thing on the other end).

Anyway I got it off and put the new one one, temporaily. Can you spot the difference yet? Well to give you a clue a second hole need to be cut in the bumper to allow for the second branch.

Once done it was time to start the car up and hear what a sound it made. With no silencer at all on this car all I can say is that you need to wear ear muffs at all times whilst driving! I'm not sure the stereo can be heard yet over the top off it! As there's two branches the passenger can equally enjoy being made as deaf as the driver! At least the parnets in the area won't have to worry about me shooting down the road at 30mph with out warning. OH NO NOW YOU KNOW I'M COMING!!!!

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