Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thursday Big Brother 7 started. How dam exciting! s this the end of life for 13 weeks? Well I can't say I'm taken by the bunch they have put in this year. Lets hope BB will do some real nasties to wind them up - or it could be very dull!

Friday I didn't stay in to watch any more Big Brother. Instead we headed downt he freshly done out Rainbow. Well it is certainly an improvemnt in surrounding terms compared to the old place. Unfortunatley the Carlsberg tap has disappeared. One wonders if this is due to the fact they used to sell so few barrels of the stuff as shown in the books. Or weather in fact they used to sell so few barrels because the barrles never got restocked and it was only avaiable occassionly. So it was strongbow most of the night - I didn't want to try anything too strong like the the two geust ales.

The leaflet promised a midnight closing, however as the night draw in it appeared the midnight closing wasn't going to happen. On of the staff seemed to think it depended on how many customers there would be, which there was obviously going to be quiet a few, so later this excuse fell flat on its face. At about 11:20 after the assistant manager had asked our group to leave on a few occassions he came and sat with us to discuss the problem of the midnight shutting, among other things.

While discussing the bar drinking and lounge sitting area being a bit small, the football team came up. I however was far more concerned about where the satge area was for the special Third Day Away appearances and the area for the Christmas Disco!

We were eventualy asked to leave there and then and obligingly we did. We don't want to upset the authority figure. Afterall they want to make themselves feel incontrol of the rowdy yet polite customers.

Saturday and I went shopping in Wolvo with Big-L. Having parked in Matt & Norfs parking bays I encourage Big-L to do some big spending in Pound Strechers. I came out with one boot bag (for a the boot of a car), one set of allen keys, on screw driver set and bits and some gardening stuff. Next it was Wilko next door where I picked up a sure deodrant stick, some valet fabric cleaner, found a very large clip it picture frame and some extra angle car mirror thingies. We wander around the rest of town before heading back into pound stretcher for one more car boot bag. From here we headed over to Cineworld to catch the De Vinci Code. We had time for one quick pint over in the Nickeloden before the film started. While the film seems to have been slagged off to me it was actually quite good, and while I have a copy of the book I've never got round to reading it - its one of those books that is just too thick to complentate reading!

We nipped round Garys as it was his birthday to deliver his birthday cards. He wasn't around and so it was off home to watch erm....

Eurovision. how dam exciting! Well Big-L wanted it on the radio so I thought I listen to some of Terry Wogans great commentry.

What can you say. Finlands awful song won!

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