Sunday, June 18, 2006

The alarm came for my Eunos. There's a couple of reasons I want to add one to my car. The first being it will allow me to feel better about leaving the top down when poping in a shop. This alarm is fitted with a 2 zone radar, one inside the car one outside. So if you step next to it, it will beep. If you put your hand inside the alarm goes off. This is not an ultrasonic one you find on most vehicles if your wondering. Next is the remote also now opens the central locking so I don't have to fiddle with the key.

While I was up town I popped into pound stretcher and bought a couple of items. They had a sale on - although I did not take much notice. That was until I paid and this screw driver thing only cost me £1:50. Bargain.

now the real reason I was up town was to change my camera. Ype the other one developed a fault and so it was exchange time. No model the same so I choose the V10. Smaller than the F10 so I'm happy.

Well Saturday night was birthday meal night at Don Salvo - and what a nice night it turned out to be. Got on the bus and you know what? No Beardy. I call him he's only just made it from work due to a puncture. Luckily Andy Poades going to drive up so I get him to give Beardy a lift. Big-L, Rob and myself head into the Possada for one before heading down to the restuarant.

Piatto Misto was nice I can inform you.

And so was Big-L's main meal.

urrrrrrr yuk these are not not not nice at in in the slightest. So I ate loads of them!

The Desserts look too nice to eat!

My enormas cheese board!

Doesn't that cheescake look irrestrable.

Yes you were all right it's not my 38th birthday but my 7th birthday. ;)

We went to the Gifford Arms for a few before moving onto the Little Civic... I'd had too much let alone beer. From here on in it was Newky Brown.

Onto Blast Off which was a tad pants before heading home. I'm sure my head will hurt tommorrow.

Sunday I got up to finish wiring up this bloomin alarm. It took me hours and setting was tiresome and besides I have a hangover - surprise. In fact it takes all day. Then I blew a fuse and didn't know if I'd nackered it or not. Then I don't have any spare fuses. Then I can't get the dam things out. I eventally manage to swap a fuse with the inidcators one. Few it all still works. Erm I'll have to get a new fuse before going anywhere though.

Another nice little flashing light!


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